Why choose sterling silver jewellery?

Why choose sterling silver jewellery?

Why sterling silver jewellery for babies and children?

All of our beautiful creations are made from 925 sterling silver, an alloy that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals that add sturdiness to the designs.  All of our pieces are free from nickel, which is known to cause skin allergies. 

Silver jewellery is a practical choice

Sterling silver is nearly hypoallergenic and completely safe for children.  

Silver jewellery makes the ideal gift for children as it is beautiful, long lasting and silver is a fantastic investment. 

A child will quickly outgrow shoes, clothes and toys but jewellery lasts forever.  Even when she outgrows it, she can keep it in her jewellery box as a memento. 

Jewellery is unique and little bit magical.

There's something magical about jewellery.  I remember always wanting to peek inside my own mother's jewellery box to see her collection of old broaches, rings, necklaces and other antiquities, many of them handed down from her mother.

Little fashionistas and 'mini-mes' love jewellery!

If you are a mother (or a grandmother or any caregiver for that matter), then you will be familiar with how much our little girls model after us.  Jewellery, nail varnish (or felt tip pens anyone?) are all highly coveted by young girls and quality, well crafted sterling silver jewellery is a tasteful and contemporary gift that will satisfy even the hardest to please little magpie. 

Sterling silver is affordable

Sterling silver is more suited to younger children, not only in terms of its appearance but also in terms of the cost.  As a mum to an 8 year old girl, Mia, I am very familiar with her frequently losing or misplacing things.  And while they may take every care to look it, there is always the risk it will be lost or misplaced.  The good thing about choosing sterling silver jewellery is that it's a more affordable option for children and whilst not cheap like costume or ‘junk’ jewellery, it is a great option when you are searching for that special birthday or Christmas gift.

We hope you enjoy the Bo + Bala range, designed in NZ for children!  

Miranda x


BO + BALA - [nounpron. bow and ba-la
def. Bo "to live" and Bala "young".

BO + BALA : a children’s jewellery brand that fosters big dreams, promotes positive energy and embodies the whimsical and free-spirited nature of childhood.

.The name BO + BALA means ‘TO LIVE YOUNG’.  
We find ourselves constantly strengthened by our children’s characters, their capacity to love and their zest for life.  
Each BO + BALA piece endeavours to capture the essence of childhood, promoting positive affirmations and strength with the highest-quality materials. We would like to introduce you to the brand, with collections that include - sterling silver dainty initialed pieces, zodiac signs and straight up positive life symbols.
Bo + Bala is more than just a piece of jewellery. Every piece comes with a story and a special attribute card, empowering the wearer and sending positive messages their way. Jewellery lasts forever and can span generations, and that is what makes it so cherished and the perfect gift for a special occasion.  All Bo + Bala jewellery is made from high-quality nickel free, sterling silver 925, and is inspired by the concept of living young and dreaming big every day.
‘To children who inspire the collections and encourage us to live young and dream big every day.’
We are excited to share the BO + BALA journey with you.
BO + BALA: Live Young, Dream Big
Miranda x