BO + BALA :  a children’s jewellery brand that fosters big dreams, promotes positive energy and embodies the whimsical and free-spirited nature of childhood.   
The name BO + BALA means ‘TO LIVE  YOUNG’.

As mums to young children, we find ourselves constantly strengthened by our children’s characters, their capacity to love and their zest for life. 

Each BO + BALA piece endeavours to capture the essence of childhood, promoting positive affirmations and strength with the highest-quality materials. We would like to introduce you to the brand, with collections that include - sterling silver dainty initialed pieces, zodiac signs and straight up positive life symbols.

‘To children who inspire the collections and encourage us to live young and dream big every day.’

We are excited to share the BO + BALA values and journey with you.

BO + BALA: Live Young, Dream Big